The future of Performance
Fiber Technology

The future of performance fiber technology

What if...

  • a single fiber technology could enable the next generation of fabric performance?
  • this fiber could provide better insulation, at a lower weight of fabric?
  • this fiber could be clingy and it automatically added a “no-slip” element to products that need it most?
  • this fiber could give an even softer hand and better performance to cotton?

This fiber technology is Avra, and it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Avra is made with a unique combination of spinning capability and polymer chemistry, enabling fibers with a unique size and shape. These capabilities extend the range of potential performance and comfort and take your garment designs to new levels.


High tech but not high hassle

High Tech But Not High Hassle

Avra’s bi-component fibers process like standard polyester fibers and can be knit or woven on conventional mill equipment. Our proprietary polymer chemistry kicks in during the hot water scour, washing away the binder polymer without damaging the remaining fiber. The final fabric feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before.


Unconventional shape,
uncommon performance

Unconventional Shape Uncommon Performance

Due to their size, Avra fibers are significantly more flexible than standard polyester. This creates fabrics that are noticeably softer. The flatter shape also provides performance advantages like faster wicking speeds, faster dry times, and a cool-to-the-touch sensation you have to feel to believe.

Using the same technology, fibers can also be round when scoured, but much smaller in diameter – more than 20 times finer than a single human hair. Imagine how a fabric made from threads with more than 1,100 filaments would feel and perform. With each new size and shape combination, we get a whole new set of performance characteristics and fabric feel.



What Can Avra Do For You?

With a whole host of available sizes, shapes and materials, the Eastman innovation team will be developing new capabilities and new uses for Avra for many years to come. We invite you to come along for the run!