Eastman Avra Performance Fibers

We believe the same passion that’s knit into your DNA should be knit into your gear. Our passion is performance and comfort; that’s why we developed Eastman Avra performance fibers. Avra wicks better, dries faster, and keeps you at your coolest and most comfortable—no matter what the activity.

This is performance you haven’t felt or experienced before. So try it on. Test it out. And get ready to go to never before.

Female Runner

How'd we make a performance fiber like never before?


Thin Fiber


Avra's ultra-thin polyester fibers are extruded and held together by a proprietary removable polymer. These bi-component fibers can be knit or woven into fabrics on conventional mill equipment.

Removable Polymer


Once the fabric is made, our removable polymer completely washes away in hot water, resulting in ribbon-like fibers that are smaller than traditional polyester fibers.

Silky Fabric


The result is a distinctly silky fabric that keeps you drier and more comfortable than ever before.


Sustainability at Eastman


At Eastman, sustainability is about creating value. We believe a truly sustainable company is one that creates significantly more value in the world than the resources it uses.




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